1401 Commercial St.
Bellingham WA 98225 
Phone: (360) 738-0167 
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11-6 Tues - Sat 
11-3 Sun 

Meg Jobe 
Spinner, weaver, knitter, yarn maven 

Knit Night Tuesdays 5:30-8:00 

Knit Day Wednesday
The job of our shop is to support you in doing the things that feed your creativity.  To that end we:  Fill the place with tempting and luscious things; Have great equipment to knit and hook with, spin and weave on; Help you find and learn with our kick-ass, amazing, diverse staff; Offer ways of joining the fiber community around us with knit groups and resources.  Stay warm, take care, be kind, and love freely.

On these pages you will find listings of products available from our vendors.  Some of these items we do not consistently carry.  Please contact us if interested, and we can let you know if we have it in stock, what the current price is, and what the delivery time might be if we need to order it especially for you.

We are striving to give awesome customer service.  We do take special orders happily.  Let us know what you need.  We live to serve --- you!


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